5 Reasons why you should continue caring for your garden in 2018

5 Reasons why you should continue caring for your garden in 2018

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With the cold of winter many of us seek to stay at home and hide until spring. But if you do the opposite, putting on your coat and going outside to enjoy the garden could be what you need to feel much better in 2018.

Well to relax, enjoy a new hobby or get in shape, spend a little time daily gardening gardening. The community planter Trainee Lizzie McFarlane of Green synergy It explains why 2018 should be the year to go outdoors.

1. It is good for your mental health
"Before joining Green Synergy, I suffered from high levels of anxiety and depression, but I discovered that going out to the garden to find balance helped me. The act of planting something, taking care of it, watching it grow and flourish is enormously gratifying. You don't need to be informed and you can make mistakes, the garden will never judge you. As with all seasons and nature in general, the winter garden can really help us to be aware and be in the now. "

2. It is good for your physical health
"When the sun rises, I make the most of it! I love being outside on a winters day, either by raking the last leaves left or going for a walk among the green bells, it's a great way to get vitamin D and burn some of those Christmas calories too!

3. Provide a different type of training
"Gardening can provide you with a great workout, which is ideal for your heart and to work all your core muscles. Removing herbs, stretching to take care of plants or picking up tools, squatting while plants ... also helps to gain strength, endurance and flexibility.

"It also offers a variety of interesting tasks to perform that will maintain your interest in some more conventional exercise routines during the changing seasons."

Photo: Getty + Kathrin Ziegler

4. It helps you sleep better
"They say that fresh air helps you sleep better and combine it with some time in the garden can really improve the quality of your sleep. Physical activity makes you tired and helps reduce those anxiety levels, which means you'll get dreams of quality".

5. It is good for your social life
"Meeting friends to visit one of the many winter gardens or meeting at a local community garden or gardening club can not only be excellent for your social life. Joining a local gardening group will also give you the opportunity to make new friends. with people from diverse backgrounds. They also provide a great sense of belonging and union: together you can see how your garden is transformed or share what vegetables you have grown. "
Green Synergy has been funded by People's Health Trust, using money raised by HealthComplete CIC through The Health Lottery.

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