5 plants that will help you sleep better

5 plants that will help you sleep better

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Sleep, or lack of it, is one of the biggest problems facing each home. But there is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution that can help you sleep better: plants.

We already know that how you decorate your room can have an important effect on sleep so there is no better excuse than adding plants. Tyler Davis, an expert at Orchard Supply Hardware, reveals the five plants and flowers that will help you sleep better.

1. Sanseviera
Benefits: Humans need oxygen all day, every day ... and getting higher levels at night leads to even better sleep. Although most plants release oxygen during the day and rest at night, sanseviera releases oxygen all the time, even while you sleep.
Cares: This plant lives in almost any type of light. Water once every two weeks.

2. Lavender
Benefits: There is a reason why we found lavender in laundry detergents, there are studies that have shown that the purple flower could help calm and relax. The live lavender plant emits a stronger smell than dried lavender (which we often find in sachets), so add a plant to your bedroom. That fresh and comforting smell will lead you to a quiet night's sleep.
Cares: They need a lot of light, so try to place the pot near a sunny window. In summer, you can even live outside, or anywhere in full sun.

3. Lilies of peace
Benefits: This indoor plant is a natural air purifier, which means it absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, mold in the air, and other types of allergens and releases purified oxygen into the air. And keeping the air clean will help you stay healthier, which means enjoying a better night's sleep.
Cares: The peace lily can live in low light, making it perfect for a bedroom without large windows. Water once a week, but if you have the plant near a window or near the winter heating, water twice a week.

4. Gardenia
Benefits: You cannot deny the perfume of this beautiful white flower, and it turns out that its lovely aroma has a sedative effect.
Cares: Gardenia is a little harder to take care of. It needs a lot of light but indirectly. Your leaves will burn if you have too much direct light!

5. Pink Jasmine
Benefits: Not only will this little flower be beautiful on your bedside table, its aroma is a natural relaxant. It reduces anxiety and helps you have a more restful sleep.
Cares: The potted plant should be near a sunny window, and make sure it doesn't have too much water. You can find it already in pots in some garden centers.

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