Dollhouses you would move to without thinking

Dollhouses you would move to without thinking

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Formerly, the Victorian doll houses with several floors and rooms decorated to the last detail, were a success! But now, times have changed, And what better place to recreate our favorite deco styles than dollhouses? We warn you that as soon as you see them, you'll want to have one for yourself ...

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Four rooms where black and white reigns, with small touches of color like the yellow chair ... Clearly inspired by IKEA!

Pinterest: Elika

Boho chic

Victorian style to boho chic! Little plants, white colors, carpets, cushions ... nothing is missing!

Pinterest: Sonia

Open spaces

This little house inhabited by a family of rabbits and ... dogs ?, is full of open spaces, and we love it! Look at the bedroom separated from the bathroom by a bookcase ...

Pinterest: Olivia Conrad


What a bedroom! With access to an attic that should be as wonderful as the rest of the house ...

Instagram: One Brown Bear

The most beautiful walls

Four models of El Secreto de Victoria they live in this little wall house ultrachic!

Instagram: One Brown Bear

With terrace

Did you think that dolls couldn't enjoy a terrace in their little house? Well look how cool!

Pinterest: Chris C

Pure white

White painted doll houses always look so neat and natural.

Pinterest: Sabrina Smelko

Pink dream

The models of El Secreto de Victoria they return to the load, but this time with a little house with pink walls ... and moles, of course.

Instagram: Project Dollhouse

Details with care

Doors open ... and a little house full of details appears! Of course, the marble wall of the bathroom, is it or is not a pass?

Instagram: Est Living


Another proposal in white, minimalist and beautiful!

Pinterest: Kelly Wykes


The fashion of pastel colors has also reached the doll houses… Isn't it great?

Pinterest: Ricardo Salgado Madrigal

Happy family

All of her is beautiful, but ... have you seen the pink dressing table in the bedroom?

Pinterest: Shannon LeFebvre

Big time

Awesome! This little house could be perfectly the model of a renowned architect ...

Pinterest: Claudia Wong