5 ideas to get a fantastic garden without spending just money

5 ideas to get a fantastic garden without spending just money

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It is clear that there are plants and tools that can cost a fortune, but a great investment is not always necessary to get the garden of your dreams. With these tips, you will save money and see immediate results, promised!

1. Shape the terrain

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to transform your garden is to mow the lawn with a defined shape (for example, in a circle or a square). Mark the ground with a rope and use a shovel (try this one with Spear & Jackson) to remove excess weed. It is not a complicated task and also, it will not take you long, you may have it ready in one afternoon.

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2. Plant flowers

The most profitable way to get a colorful garden with good looks is to buy perennials that you can divide by the land. It may seem complicated, but it is not. Opt for geums, astrantias and resistant geraniums. All you have to do is remove the plant from the pot and separate it into two or three parts, with some stems and roots. Dig a hole and plant each one in the area you choose. Next year, when they grow and spread, you can dig them up and separate them to get even more plants. In two years you will have achieved a wonderful garden for very little money! And with six geraniums it will be enough to achieve your purpose.

Price: € 33 (approx.)

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3. Search for trees

Considering their size and longevity, trees are cheap and with only a few you will notice the difference. Try small trees such as an amelanchier or an impact cherry tree. You can find them from € 40 (approx.) Each, and with three it will be more than enough for a medium sized garden.

Price: 84 € (approx.)

Buy now: € 40 (approx.) For an amelanchier, Amazon

4. Fix the garden

When it comes to roads and yards, gravel is much more affordable than paving. The first thing you should do is mark the ground; then remove the weeds and excess soil, and pour the gravel over it. The goal is to achieve a thickness of 2.5 cm. And do not forget to choose a gravel in light tones to contrast with the lawn and the garden!

Price: € 40 (approx.)

Buy now: 7 € (approx.), Amazon

5. Light it up

Outdoor light garlands can be purchased online and are a fast, simple and cheap way to brighten your garden. You can place them between tree branches or tie them to the fences and furniture. In addition, it will be enough with a plug inside the house, come on, you will not need an electrician for installation.

Price: € 34 (approx.)

Buy now: € 17 (approx.) For 21 meters (approx.), Amazon

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